I've had a break!

So, after a long time without any new blog posts it’s finally time to post a new one.

Sometimes life get’s in the way of things like blogging, there’s work on other projects, I’ve been through the hardest move of my life so far, i'ts been taking care of kids, it’s been taking care of my new found love. All in all it’s been a lot of stuff stealing my time away from this page and from my YouTube channel (yeah, I have one of those too)

I more or less have control over my time again now, so it’s time to start doing the stuff I care so much about, such as blogging, youtube and photography along with all the other stuff I care about.

I have to be honest though, I don’t expect there to be a great number of blogposts weekly, as I would like to spend some time on the posts so they are of some kind of quality. Maybe one or two a week. You can expect about the same when it comes to my YouTube channel, one or two videos a week, maybe it will evolve in 2020.

Anyway, here is a image from one of my latest landscape shots.

Well into blue hour.

Welcome to my site

So, I’ve finally been able to open up my site, and have even uploaded a few images to my galleries.

The images you can see here is not really any part of my “official” portfolio, I still need to work out what images I want to be a part of my portfolio and tweak them for this site. The images you can see now is more me just testing out different formats and way to display my photos.